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Everything whomps.
Everything whomps.
It is official I am AWFUL at making the borders but owell first completed patch lol~
I just looked so darn good today.
My running up to Walmart for 2 seconds outfit was actually kinda cute
pay attention to me
This is a line up of vans at my parents wedding. 

So i think i can finally listen to The Arkells again without getting pissed off! <b.c they were my exbf’s fav band and he is the worlds biggest douchbag> but yah yay!

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Seriously craving a trip back to the camp. Not good because I have quite the wait until summer.
Got some burgs from 2 doors down with my dad &amp; sister the other day yay

i want an endless supply of cute lingerie so i can keep it in my drawer because i’m awkward

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